Media Releases

3rd February 2020: ‘Compulsory Income Management is not a ‘Financial Literacy Tool’, and Big Four involvement won’t change that’

23rd March 2020: ‘Raise the rate for all and end the Cashless Debit Card trials in the face of COVID-19’

12th May 2020: ”Trials’ of the Cashless Debit Card or Policy Implementation by Stealth under COVID-19?

9th October 2020: ‘An immediate end to the Cashless Debit Card and tiered welfare payments’

12th March 2021: ‘No amount of evaluation will prove Cashless Debit Card trials successful’

1st April 2021: ‘Government must stop forcing people onto the failed Cashless Debit Card’

14th May 2021: ‘Budget 2021-22: More money for fraught compulsory income management scheme’

1st April 2022: ‘Budget 2022-23: Social services spending lacks transparency, accountability, and meaningful investment in long-term change’

22nd April 2022: ‘Labor’s position on compulsory income management welcome, but structural change still required’

7th October 2022: ‘Cashless Debit Card repeal only a partial fix’

4th November 2022: ‘October Budget 2022-23: Lack of clarity on income management spending risks Coalition repeat’

2nd December 2022: ‘November Budget Estimates: No clear end in sight for compulsory income management’